Session [noun]

Definition of Session:

meeting, gathering

Synonyms of Session:

Opposite/Antonyms of Session:


Sentence/Example of Session:

From the very beginning of the session their overthrow was imminent.

During this session other difficulties were encountered by the Ministry.

The budget of the session of 1882 was presented by Mr. Gladstone April 24th.

It had been voted without debate at the very close of the session.

In the sixth session, the same was done with the letter of Ibas.

The judges had sat in session the same night, and their judgment had been unanimous.

Parliament was not in session, and I was able to order his arrest.

If she won't do that, then you tell me and I'll have a session with HIM.

Parliament was in session, and the Home Secretary was at the afternoon sitting of the House.

But I must be at the Assembly at nine, for the morning session.