Sessions [noun]

Definition of Sessions:

meeting, gathering

Synonyms of Sessions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sessions:


Sentence/Example of Sessions:

The sessions of the General Conference are held quadrennially.

Not that father was accustomed to sleep during the sessions—Oh, dear, no!

The second won't come for two sessions after, but it will be law all the same.

They had been for some sessions trading on their Protestantism.

Albaugh's Opera House was crowded to its capacity at all of the sixteen sessions.

"Yes, sir; an aggravated case," said I, using the phrase of the Sessions.

This does not mean, however, that our sessions are totally "unstructured."

At one of these sessions a fresh indignity was put upon him.

The Governor could take no action in the premises, and referred him to the Judge of the Sessions.

The delegates arrived after the close of the sessions of the congress.