Setbacks [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Setbacks:

But it is as safe to assume that the revolution is irreversible, setbacks aside.

Paul Bunyan had his setbacks the same as every logger only his were worse.

Our chances were slim to begin, and we've had some setbacks.

He'd had his setbacks, but none comparable to the recent disasters.

There are setbacks, but then this is true in every form of nervous affection.

Their progress and setbacks have been proportioned to the tact and vigilance of the governors.

In spite of these setbacks, Susan still saw great promise in the West and resumed her lecturing there.

And, in spite of all handicaps and setbacks, eventually succeeded in the task it had set itself.

But I thought to myself that in the pursuit of happiness not even the most favoured escape some setbacks.

The doctor says I will have these setbacks though and it is only a part of the process of getting well.