Settees [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Settees:

The priest still lingered on the settee when the Baroness rose.

"Issy" sprang from his settee and jammed the paper novel into his pocket.

Captain Kendrick sat upright on the settee, beneath the locust tree.

He led the way to the settee by the calico and dress goods counter.

"That" was a kick that doubled the cur up against the settee.

I was stretched out on my back on the settee, smoking in peace.

She sat down on the settee near the open door to cool herself, I daresay.

Judith cuddled close to Bruce on the settee while Elinor went for her wraps.

Marion drew her over to the settee, and she had her cry out.

Carroll drew her down on a settee and held her hands firmly.