Settings [noun]

Definition of Settings:

scene, background

Synonyms of Settings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Settings:

Sentence/Example of Settings:

The door and windows have quarrelled desperately with their settings.

It gave the location of switches—the settings for communications.

If possible, change the settings for “cursive” and “fantasy” to fonts of your choice.

These settings will also help other web pages display as intended.

During our absence he had been occupied in removing the stolen jewels from their settings.

There were no long waits caused by the settings of scenes during the acts.

It is about what I imagined—but the settings are not included?

In his plots, O. Henry is romantic; in his settings he is a realist.

These stones had all been broken from their settings, and thrown loose in the chest.

Nope, I was too anxious—hurried too much on the settings of the slow verniers.