Settlers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Settlers:

The horses will be furnished by the settlers, many having already been promised me.

Settlers, gloomily acquiescent in an unjust fate, brightened at his heralding.

These are the people who bring to our settlers horses, oxen, and cows.

The settlers had suffered so much from the enemy that they were eager to take their revenge.

Upon the fort being abandoned by the settlers, the Indians burned it.

It stands on the site of a blockhouse erected by the Swedish settlers in 1677.

It is certain that wine was made from this species by the English settlers at Jamestown.

That was the way they used to call the settlers together when anything was the matter.

These tracts of land are called “The Bush;” and the settlers on these lands are called Bushmen.

It used to be Boston, but the settlers around there were largely from Missouri.