Sewerage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sewerage:

Every day I heard of the swindles as well as of the sewerage.

The sewerage and wire-pipes lay like tangled pythons on its floor.

A city government, for instance, constructs a system of sewerage.

In sober seriousness, this subject of sewerage has been most absurdly neglected.

This point, then, of sewerage we freely concede to the Whigs.

As for the sewerage—oh, well, I suppose we are more hospitable in America.

The sewerage of our streets and houses modifies the problem, but does not solve it.

The sewerage is generally good, but defective in some places.

Sewerage was scientifically treated by the use of chemicals and machinery.

A sewerage system that carries off everything, leaving the soul perfectly bald.