Sewing [noun]

Definition of Sewing:


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Sentence/Example of Sewing:

She had taken her sewing again, and she bent her head over it as if she were ashamed.

Why, I don't earn that amount of money by six months' sewing.

For her mother, sewing and cooking had been accomplishments; for her they were work.

While he talked she would sit with her sewing, now and then putting in a question to help.

Women with peaceful faces could be seen bent over their sewing.

We had all to take to tailoring, sewing, mending, and cobbling.

As he gazed she dropped the sewing in her lap, and raised her head.

She was sitting by the window and her sewing was in her lap.

In South Harniss she was active in church and sewing circles.

Keziah came in response to the call, her sewing in her hand.