Sewn [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sewn:

Ten golden pieces are sewn into the hem of your under doublet.

You see it is impossible for him to stop in here with you for ever, as if he was sewn on to your petticoat.

The hose is of heavy duck, sometimes double, sewn by machine.

In these cities the garments were cut and sent out to the dwellings of the poor to be sewn.

The perspiration ran down my face, got into my eyes—my arms were sewn in.

I myself shall bear them, sewn in my clothes, to our native land.

Another thickness of hide is sewn at the bottom, to form the sole, and there it is.

The wound was sewn up and then bandaged, as was that on the arm.

When all are sewn, remove the papers and flatten the seams with an iron.

Nothing of all they have is sewn on; everything is basted or pinned.