Sexless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sexless:

It was the sexless idea, existing by itself, that was rare and exquisite.

In his consultation-room the patients of a physician are––sexless.

It is not sexless, but bi-sexual; not neuter but masculine-feminine.

Before she had been merely the efficient hostess, friendly to all—but sexless.

You were not a sexless ascetic who preached a mere neutral goodness.

For to him the babe was sexless, as most befitted one who was to live and die at the foot of the altar.

Then four other gods were generated, all sexless and self-begotten.

"Men seem to expect that women should be sexless replicas of themselves," she said.

She is sexless and well-mannered and unconsciously humorous.

It represents a sexless thing, and hence is said to be of the neuter gender.