Sexuality [noun]

Definition of Sexuality:

sexual drive or interest

Synonyms of Sexuality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sexuality:

Sentence/Example of Sexuality:

In short, ethics has been more or less confounded with sexuality.

He had felt emasculated, nearer to the angels, cleansed of sexuality.

Sexuality made the transition to the two-sex world with a vengeance.

Emancipation has reduced some of sexuality's inherent, and necessary, tension.

I should certainly conclude that all sexuality had descended from one prototype.

I take a very different view of the meaning or cause of sexuality.

Sexuality is slowly transformed into sensuality and love into lust.

The third main line of evidence is connected with the phenomena of sexuality.

Apart from this observation there is no other trace of sexuality in the group.

Do you know more about the "organic pleasure" than about sexuality?