Shabbier [adjective]

Definition of Shabbier:

broken-down; in poor shape

Opposite/Antonyms of Shabbier:

Sentence/Example of Shabbier:

The one that now stood there was smaller than his own palatial one, and shabbier.

But toward the end of the season the Beans got shabbier than ever.

The rooms were even smaller and shabbier than he had believed possible.

The Khri, was a native, and his robes could not well have been dirtier or shabbier.

He was shabbier than ever, poor soul, and he looked pinched and hungry.

Life at the South was at once grander and shabbier, than in New England.

She was growing thinner and shabbier of soul, and she knew it.

He lost his first job and took an inferior wage with a shabbier firm.

Marie Louise found it far smaller 77 and shabbier than she had imagined.

But in 1799 there were no shabbier Democrats than those of Connecticut.