Shabbiness [noun]

Definition of Shabbiness:


Synonyms of Shabbiness:

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Sentence/Example of Shabbiness:

The little shabby creature had in a moment dropped her shabbiness.

The shabbiness of the legislature must answer for it, if criminals remain at large.

"Cecily doesn't mind about the shabbiness of it," he heard Gilbert saying.

The hall had a puzzling look of equal nobility and shabbiness.

The shabbiness of the hotel where Helen lived surprised him.

Mentally she was taking a scornful inventory of her own shabbiness.

Alan was unprepared for the shabbiness of the house where the gambler lived.

The old dress she wore as unconscious of its shabbiness as though it were a royal robe.

He felt the shabbiness of his clothes without looking at them.

It was not ancient, yet it looked old from shabbiness and neglect.