Shack [noun]

Definition of Shack:


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Sentence/Example of Shack:

Then you'll turn around and walk straight back to the shack.

Now, waking, his hand was working nervously across the floor of the shack.

But the shack filled with his disapproval of her reluctance to free him from his promise.

At the time she came to Martin's shack, she was potentially any one of a half dozen women.

There were three men camped in the shack here, and we spent the night with them.

As soon in fact, as he could make the trip to the shack and return.

He walked to a corner of the shack and turned off the tired air pump.

He desired to hide himself; entering his shack, he pushed to the door.

Then Eyelids came in, and picked him up and carried him back to the shack.

He picked up a lantern and, having lighted it, left the shack.