Shackled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Shackled:

They wanted me to be shackled: for early did they doubt my morals, as to the sex.

Cattermole, I believe, is earthed and shackled in the same manner.

Nearly all wore iron fetters on their legs, and some were shackled to the pillars.

She saw the Padre shackled before he could rise from his blankets.

This brought the pony's nose down close to his shackled feet.

There he stood awhile, as if he had been shackled, unable to move.

He wept bitterly, and bewailed the fetters by which he was shackled.

What can the hands do, if they are fettered, or what the feet, if they are shackled?

Her hands were shackled, and her eyes blind with blood, but she thought only of her child.

All this time the shackled Martian had lain on his back where we had left him bound.