Shaded [adjective]

Definition of Shaded:


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Sentence/Example of Shaded:

She stood by the table, the light from a shaded lamp making her colour glow.

She made no reply, but opened the door into the cool and, shaded little parlor.

It was shaded by dark chestnut hair, just silvered with grey.

He shaded the dinner, cooled the wines, chilled the gravy, and blighted the vegetables.

Still, the Doctor, with shaded forehead, beat his foot nervously on the ground.

She came into the parlor, clasping the bowl of a shaded lamp—the only light in the room.

It was so huge and shadowy, with only shaded lights here and there.

It will be more distinct if the ground glass be shaded from the light.

Before us was a driveway, shaded by great elms and bordered by rose hedges.

Bishop shaded his eyes with his hand to look in the direction in which she was pointing.