Shades [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Shades:

For more than an hour, there was perfect stillness, as the shades of evening deepened.

This impenetrableness, my dear, is to be put among the shades in his character.

The shades on the corridor windows here will be up, and Garson will see them taken in.

The shades of his windows had been lowered against the heat.

Of course the wolver could see nothing of the Coyote, for the shades were falling.

A dream of a dress that would be, with all the shades of Madame Abel cunningly blended.

We can neither plumb the depths nor pierce the shades of its recesses.

At home it was always her husband who pulled down the shades of their bedroom window.

First he went to the Nether World, where the shades of the departed dwell.

There are nearly thirty shades in Truffaut's Peony-flowered Asters.