Shadowed [verb]

Definition of Shadowed:

make dark

Synonyms of Shadowed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shadowed:

Sentence/Example of Shadowed:

"I'm afraid not," she said, with a smile of shadowed sadness.

I did not recognise my eyes, accustomed as I was to see them shadowed by my hair.

Leave them as part of a cruel, evil, shadowed time, which must be put behind us.

His life was shadowed by suspicions of his wife, with whom he constantly quarrelled.

There were thousands like her because of their shadowed inheritance.

Minky looked up from the letter again, and his eyes were shadowed.

Wilson caught an eager look from the shadowed face of the girl.

She had the house to herself; it was cool and shadowed from the sun.

What tragedy had shadowed the customary gladness of the last day of school?

Don't you know that I've been shadowed these last three months?