Shafted [verb]

Definition of Shafted:

give someone the wrong idea, information

Synonyms of Shafted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shafted:

Sentence/Example of Shafted:

The vein averages five feet, runs northeast and southwest, and has been shafted through ore to the depth of 180 feet.

At each angle of the crossing are masses of shafted piers, connected by wide and lofty rounded arches.

White at the summit, black at the base, the shafted rocks rear splintered pinnacles, slanting like channel buoys.

The scene is shifting, the stage is dark'ning—a strange eclipse obscures the shafted light!

There were simple round-arched, shafted windows in each bay, and the clerestory was finished like the aisle with a corbel-table.

The windows here are capital examples of shafted windows of the end of the twelfth century.

In the brave March sunlight which shafted down on her, her head looked more like a Botticelli angel's than ever.

Le Borgne shifts his spread feet, mutters a guttural grunt, and puffs out his torch; but the shafted flame reveals his shadow.

When I awakened, the forest was a labyrinth of shafted moonlight and sombre shadows.

Its arches rest on four shafted columns, somewhat Gothic in character, and crowned with capitals distinctly Turkish.