Shaggy [adjective]

Definition of Shaggy:

hairy, unkempt

Synonyms of Shaggy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shaggy:

Sentence/Example of Shaggy:

Shaggy of beard, wrinkled and bent he seemed already an old man.

Come on, Shaggy Man, if you want me to show you the road to Butterfield.

"'Course not, Shaggy Man," replied Dorothy, giving him a severe look.

I was thinking, perhaps, a nice little Skye—like Shaggy, but smaller.

You might have Shaggy himself, if you like, while I am away.'

“I am going to suggest something for you to do, Shaggy,” he said.

Shaggy Bear was in earnest and at once promised to do as he was told.

Shaggy was as thin as a shadow, and his teeth chattered with the cold.

Toto was an especial friend of the Shaggy Man, and he knew every one else.

"That's strange," said the Shaggy Man, reading the sign aloud.