Shamans [noun]

Definition of Shamans:

religious specialist

Synonyms of Shamans:

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Sentence/Example of Shamans:

There were also Shamans of hunting, of medicine and priestcraft.

The Orphic priests of old Greece most nearly resembled the shamans of the savages.

These men are called Shamans and have great influence among the tribes.

Also the Shamans of the Nicaraguans possessed similar power.

In the first instance, indeed, the commands of the Shamans were rejected.

It was through the Land Otters that shamans were first known.

Even the magic of the shamans failed to bring back the light.

Then the shamans were angry and beat that boy and drove him out of the kashim.

The Lapps say that the ghosts are invisible to all but the Shamans.

They resorted to their shamans (ekhts) or medicine men in case of illness.