Shambling [verb]

Definition of Shambling:


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Sentence/Example of Shambling:

Behind him walked his guard: behind the guard he heard Luke Evans shambling.

"I've allays said so," Joseph answered, shambling a little nearer.

He was a tall man, with a shambling gait and an angular face.

Ransom, shambling behind them, crept in and knelt at the foot of the bed.

He returned to the front of the house, shambling like a somnambulist.

There was nothing weak or shambling in those six feet three inches.

A shambling, stooping, trembling old man, in his dotage already.

Her entourage followed her, shambling a little, and blank-eyed.

A shambling, shoddy crew, this crowd of shoppers and labor demonstrators!

People turned to look after him, so uncouth was his shambling figure.