Shamed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Shamed:

It was the best he could do, and it shamed him, for he knew its weakness.

She tries to deceive Caesar as to her wealth, and is shamed by her treasurer Seleucus.

Fie had collected twenty-four of us, whom he called his 'disciples,' and shamed am I to say, I was one.

I bit my tongue in shamed regret, and dared not let my glance meet hers.

He says it would be shame; and the name of his wife that died shall never be shamed.

She had insulted him, struck him, humiliated and shamed him.

Well, it was a thing to hurry past, shamed of face, and think on no more.

Obed Gott, I should think you'd be 'shamed of yourself, talkin' that way.

It makes me 'shamed of myself when I think of it, I declare.

Perhaps I should never have written at all if you hadn't urged me, shamed me out of my laziness.