Shampoo [noun]

Definition of Shampoo:

laundry, bath

Synonyms of Shampoo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shampoo:


Sentence/Example of Shampoo:

The girls say that I can shampoo and manicure as well as a professional.

Nobody knows till they try it what virtue there is in a shampoo.

Then he suggested a shampoo, and said my hair needed it badly, very badly.

He was busy trying to get rid of his shampoo, which had been unusually severe.

Perhaps your husband will be so amiable as to shampoo my cat!

Yes,” responded the waiter in a dignified manner, “but not a shampoo.

Take 'em after a shampoo, and they're a sight, even the good-lookin' ones.

I sent for Kanunla to come and shampoo my father, who gradually got worse.

Occasionally you will care to have a shampoo, but that is as you feel.

He had been to the barber's, had his whiskers and mustache trimmed, his hair cut, and a shampoo.