Shamus [noun]

Definition of Shamus:

investigator of crime

Synonyms of Shamus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shamus:


Sentence/Example of Shamus:

And he asked Shamus, but he pretended he was ill—Oh, he was very unwell!

The recitation of "Shamus O'Brien" seemed tame by comparison.

"You do not badly for a beginner," said he when Shamus had finished.

Then Shamus began to walk slowly away, and the Queen followed.

Shamus told her the story of his wanderings and produced the goblet.

So Shamus took his harp and began to play his song of running water.

"Good," said Shamus, and away he went to seek the King of the Gnomes.

Then Shamus began to play, softly at first and then louder and louder.

The effect was ludicrous; Shamus came in on the run to have a ball extracted from his back!

The fire was getting low, when Sachem rose to his feet and called to Shamus.