Shanty [noun]

Definition of Shanty:


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Sentence/Example of Shanty:

And then followed visions of the increased comfort to come to the shanty.

Would anybody have belaved it when we come with nothin' to the shanty?

Finally, it was discovered that the shanty was far too small a place for our banquet.

And now to revert more particularly to our home life in the shanty.

I brought out my relic of other days, and displayed it to the boys in the shanty.

He returned with intelligence that set our shanty in a ferment.

She is the idyll of our shanty, and our regard for her approaches to idolatry.

There must be a mistress in a house that is to be a house, and not a—well, shanty, let us say.

And then we were occupied with the erection of the shanty, as already described.

Our shanty is the habitation of some half-dozen of us, year out and year in.