Shapely [adjective]

Definition of Shapely:


Synonyms of Shapely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shapely:

Sentence/Example of Shapely:

A shapely one he is, and strong, as e'er from cast was cast.

The hands and wrists of this lady were very white and shapely.

A slight shake of Edith's small, shapely head served for answer.

Even her hands, reddened and calloused by labor, were well kept and shapely.

She did not raise her shapely head, but her glance was no dream thing.

He knows the dainty step, the erect carriage, the shapely frame.

She was secretly pleased with his strong face and shapely head.

Their figures were shapely and elegant, their hands slim and soft.

Quintia is lovely to many; to me she is fair, tall, and shapely.

Dainty and shapely they were, and would have done for models.