Shard [noun]

Definition of Shard:

fragment, generally of pottery

Synonyms of Shard:

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Sentence/Example of Shard:

And, faster and faster still, they crashed into the shard of steel.

He picked up a shard of rubidium that served as a paper weight and toyed with it.

On the floor under where it should have been I caught the flash of light from a shard of glass.

Well, look at the figures and lettering on the shard; you can see those.

Then, as he examined them, he saw that the shard and the four films had been changed.

He stopped and picked up a shard of flint, throwing it with an oath.

He remembered that Shard had mentioned an intention to write Gary by mail.

He had been sent to Shard, whom he should have avoided as a relative of the Vaughn faction.

Desperately he grasped the shard which pinned his legs, and the veins swelled in his temples as he strove to thrust it off him.

Apparently Sparrow crossed somewhere about the present Shard Bridge.