Shareholder [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Shareholder:

But say, shareholder or not, I've got to plug the market for somethin' that'll pass with the landlady.

He sits in a chair of state, and discourses to a shareholder.

Shakespeare is believed to have written two plays a year while he was a shareholder.

He died 1598, and was at one time connected with the Theatre as shareholder.

Then, seeing a shareholder close to the door get up, thought: 'Who's that?

He was a shareholder in the company, and in twenty industries depending on it.

The position of a shareholder is very similar to that of a voter.

The death of a shareholder has no effect upon the corporation.

In a corporation, a shareholder is liable only for the value of his share.

A proxy may be revoked at the will of the shareholder giving it.