Sharpen [verb]

Definition of Sharpen:

make knifelike

Synonyms of Sharpen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sharpen:



Sentence/Example of Sharpen:

If you were envied, why should you sharpen envy, and file up its teeth to an edge?

Why should they brighten their tomahawks and sharpen their knives against each other?

I know for a fact that Sergeant Martin had no less than nine pen-knives to sharpen.

You sharpen your wits on other people's, and you keep in touch with all kinds of opinions.

Twas unkind in my uncle to sharpen his appetite with red rum.

"I sharpen serpents' teeth from time to time," offered Bell amiably.

The first thing the carver will require to do is to sharpen his tools.

That new presence within will sharpen the brain, and fire the imagination.

Now,” said he, “I must make the sides smooth, and sharpen it.

The remedy is to sharpen the cap, so that its edge makes a close fit with the cutter.