Sharpening [verb]

Definition of Sharpening:

make knifelike

Synonyms of Sharpening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sharpening:



Sentence/Example of Sharpening:

And the broightest wits will bear that koind of sharpening', so they will.

Mice might have made that sound, sharpening their teeth on the wire.

And the wolf asked him, “Daddy, what 142 are you sharpening your knife for?”

And the bear said to him, “Tell me, daddy, what are you sharpening your knife for?”

Don't you see there's an ogre over there grinning at them and sharpening his claws?

Sparks fly from a grindstone when you are sharpening a knife.

His words jarred on her mood like the sharpening of a slate-pencil.

Romance is a shortening and sharpening of the human difficulty.

The whole year round the thorn has been hardening and sharpening.

There is a principle involved in the sharpening of every tool, which should be observed.