Sharper [noun]

Definition of Sharper:


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Sentence/Example of Sharper:

Could one find a sharper contrast than existed between these two?

Gaiety returned to him; his infernal tongue got sharper in these long hours of idleness.

Our hammers ring with sharper din, our work will soon be sped.

We'll circumvent the old fellow, unless he's sharper than I think he is.

Keep a watch below there, and keep a sharper eye on your duty.

"I have got a sharper knife," said he, drawing his penknife out of his pocket.

With mules it is even worse; the holes they punch are deeper and sharper.

The higher we rise, the sharper will become the prejudice of color.

The ethical problem could now be stated in a sharper form than before.

And then let them settle between them which was the sharper!