Sharpshooter [noun]

Definition of Sharpshooter:

expert with gun

Synonyms of Sharpshooter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sharpshooter:


Sentence/Example of Sharpshooter:

The Sharpshooter flashed his gold teeth at him in a cheerful smile.

"He's had your goat ever since the meeting opened," grinned the Sharpshooter.

This by way of reminding the Sharpshooter of something which he preferred to forget.

"No-o," said The Sharpshooter, his lips pursed and his brow wrinkled.

He was killed by a bullet from the gun of a sharpshooter in Middletown.

We'll blow that sharpshooter where he can look out of window sure enough!

Reed has been watching me like a sharpshooter from the day I arrived.

He thought a sharpshooter was there, and he laid his plans to get him.

When I say a sniper I do not mean a sharpshooter who fires into our lines from the German lines.

The sharpshooter out in the bushes had put a bullet through it.