Shattered [verb]

Definition of Shattered:

break into small pieces

Synonyms of Shattered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shattered:

Sentence/Example of Shattered:

Any cold and cruel dawn may show it, Shattered, desecrated, overthrown.

Shattered, humiliated, sullen, the horse wheeled and returned.

Shattered rock was thick on the floor, and they skidded and tumbled over it.

Shattered also was the fair shape that held the spirit of Stella.

Shattered by the scorn of the Puritans, the stage had not dared to raise its arm for a blow.

Shattered and disorganized, their retreat to Corinth had but little order.

Shattered already by the untimely death of his wife, would he survive this blow to his long-cherished hopes?

Shattered and blackened hulks now only marked the position they had occupied but a few hours before.

Shattered and slowly sinking, the frigate drifted out to sea.

Shattered and sinking, but gallantly returning the enemys fire, the frigate drifted out to sea.