Shaven [verb]

Definition of Shaven:

cut outer covering off

Synonyms of Shaven:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shaven:




Sentence/Example of Shaven:

He was very fat, with a shaven, swarthy face and the dewlap of an ox.

I conceived a contempt for that shaven, scrawny skipper––I remember it well.

"The babies of frogs will become but frogs," said one shaven pate, laughing.

On his shaven head he wore a small skull-cap of plaited grass.

A greasy growth of beard was sprouting on the shaven parts of the cheeks.

They had dressed him in a gaberdine and set the yellow cap on his shaven poll.

"H'm," said the shaven man, quite unmoved by the end of Harvey's speech.

So that, apart from other missiles, our shaven heads were sure to be pelted with jeers.

They all wore ankle-length gowns, and they all had shaven heads.

Marry, saith she, to hear a shaven crown preach at the Cross!