She [noun]

Definition of She:

female human

Synonyms of She:

Opposite/Antonyms of She:


Sentence/Example of She:

Sometimes far up in the hills a she-fox would bark, or some too-aged tree of the forest would come down with a booming crash.

She was very angry with Crozier, for it was absurd, that look of deprecating homage, that "Hush-she-is-coming" in his eyes.

The males have nearly an equal vehement desire for the female mule, the she-ass, and the mare.

A too strong ardour is often attended with sterility; and the female mule is at least as ardent as the she-ass.

The he and she-ass, therefore, both incline to sterility by common and also by different qualities.

The she-ass, and the female mule, therefore, incline to sterility by their over-heat.

Clara's father—he used sometimes when drunk to ask his wife, 'Who got you your blackbrowed she-devil there?

They jumped up and climbed the bank, while I perched on the she-oak roots over the water to be out of sight as they passed.

It is said that the mothers lick their young children over like she-bears.

He landed a ram and a sheep, a goat and a she-goat, a pig and a sow.