Sheath [noun]

Definition of Sheath:


Synonyms of Sheath:

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Sentence/Example of Sheath:

What make you, Alleyne, of these black lines which are drawn across the sheath?

And drawing his knife from its sheath, he flung it down at my feet.

Sheath your swords, comrades; after all, it is no affair of ours.

He drew his short sword from its sheath, and scratched a deep mark in the gravel.

He tried to draw it, failed, and looking all along the sheath, saw its condition.

They were armed with sheath knives and revolvers, and the taller bore a rifle.

Seizing the sheath with the other hand, that the pallet had dropped from.

When he had liberated them from the sheath, he put them on the bridge of his nose upside down.

He laid the summons on the table, and returned his spectacles to their sheath.

He laughed wickedly, and plucked his dagger from its sheath.