Sheathing [verb]

Definition of Sheathing:


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Sentence/Example of Sheathing:

"So ends our quarrel, then," said Aylward, sheathing his sword.

"Yes, yes," the Cuban answered, sheathing the knife and thrusting it into his belt.

Pieces from the ship's sheathing were often rubbed off in her contact with the ice.

In this the leaves are long and pointed, but also sheathing at the base.

He drove his chisel through the sheathing as close to the cabin floor as he could.

"It's only sheathing between the beams, sir," stated Captain Candage.

“Never you mind,” answered the man, snatching it rudely from him, and sheathing it.

Daoud circled away, sheathing his saif and pulling his bow from its case.

All sheathing should be covered with six-pound sized building-paper.

Conan stepped forward, sheathing his knife, and the other roared a greeting.