Sheave [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sheave:

After the rope leaves the said sheave, it is coiled away at pleasure.

The sheave at the stern was fixed on the end of the screw shaft.

The two parts of the sheave are connected by two cotter bolts.

The traction rope is carried over the sheave at the top, then let fall and passed round a sheave in a block below.

Let the rope be put in round the sheave of this block, and brought back to the block that is fastened at the top of the machine.

Water, admitted to a horizontal cylinder, displaced a piston and rod to which a sheave was attached.

The car, attached to the free ends of the cables, was hauled up as the piston drew the two sheave assemblies apart.

Smiling demurely, even blandly, Lawton rolled his sheave of bacon to and fro upon its kidneys.

The sheave attached to the ship at the bow was slung by chains about 80 feet from the stem.

The shell is now completed, and the visitor is next shown the different processes in forming the sheave and the pin.