Shedding [noun]

Definition of Shedding:


Synonyms of Shedding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shedding:


Sentence/Example of Shedding:

We were all embracing each other, and shedding tears of joy.

For the mere fact of shedding the flesh does not bring us any nearer to God.

If the shedding is only slight, and the plate is good otherwise, it may be used again.

D'you say that justifies me in shedding the blood of my boss?

She was so angry that she could not refrain from shedding tears.

The shedding of blood by one's own hand is a terrible legacy.

In your fate, O beautiful child, are wounds and ill-doings, and shedding of blood.

When ripe, the nuts fall to the ground, shedding their hulls on the way.

Sadau seized the torch and whirled it on high, shedding light.

The setting sun was shedding a golden light over everything.