Sheen [noun]

Definition of Sheen:

brightness, shine

Synonyms of Sheen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sheen:

Sentence/Example of Sheen:

Over the River rests the sheen of light; over the hills rests the sheen of romance.

Through the sheen a softened outline of the town wavered fantastically.

My sheen's twice the weicht o' yours, and they dinna fit me!'

Straucht up hill throuw the heather, and I'll put my sheen on!'

The foliage is beautiful, showing a sheen like changeable silk.

The sheen of the glass houses caught the rays of the sun and glanced in them.

He was very white now, and there was a sheen of moisture on his face.

I could fancy him grinning behind the sheen of his barrage at my question.

Eyes like a purple night with the sheen of misty starlight in them.

The beauty he had spoken of was not simply the sheen of her loveliness, nor the grace of her form.