Sheeny [adjective]

Definition of Sheeny:

bright, glistening

Synonyms of Sheeny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sheeny:

Sentence/Example of Sheeny:

So I parted with my last quarter and was sent to a Sheeny store in Broadway.

And I made Thompson agree to settle your doctor's bill and expenses with that Sheeny.

If you have worked your way through the South at all, maybe you've heard of Sheeny John.

With that out came her hatpin, and she made a lunge at Sheeny Rose.

“The sheeny was no good,” was all the character he gave him.

Then the sheeny track of light in the water, dancing and rippling.

Sheeny kept her bed this morning, overcome by the tumults of the preceding evening, and Shaan officiated in her place.

Between two smirking waxen women in sheeny drapery he saw that which brought him to a pause and set him gazing.

Over the rosy skirts of Eos hung a full and heavy robe of swelling grey and black clouds, edged with a fringe of sheeny gold.

Again there was a wait before the boy came back, and again a wait in a sheeny chair before Mr. Baxter looked up.