Sheep [noun]

Definition of Sheep:

animals raised on a farm

Synonyms of Sheep:

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Sentence/Example of Sheep:

I have in mind one old chap who used to herd the sheep on my uncle's farm.

What sheep he did not kill for the use of his men, he ordered to be bayoneted.

The first picture that attracted our admiration was a "Sheep scene," by Lambdin.

Wolves or watch-dogs, it was hard to say from which the sheep had most to fear.

I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.

All the sales of sheep and lambs are by the "clad score" which contains twenty-one.

He has at least 30,000 sheep on his vast tracks of moorland on the braes of Lochaber.

The sheep were to be washed and sheared, too, and the awkward, weak-kneed calves to be fed.

But let us return to our sheep—which means the sea-lions of the Cliff House.

There's no sense to it, any way,—sixteen sheep stood him in two dollars apiece.