Sheik [noun]

Definition of Sheik:

man who likes to flirt

Synonyms of Sheik:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sheik:


Sentence/Example of Sheik:

Certainly, sheik; it will not take him five minutes to make his preparations.

When the sheik woke, after two hours' sleep, he drank some broth.

The hammock had been lowered to the ground, and Ali was holding the cup to the sheik's lips.

"Don't say any thing about it, sheik," Edgar said earnestly.

"You are friends now," the sheik said, with a tone of pleasure.

"Let us not talk more of them," the sheik said contemptuously.

The Bedouins under the sheik had taken no part in the irregular skirmishes.

"I do not say that you are not right," the sheik said gravely.

"That was one of my first thoughts when I was able to think," the sheik said.

Edgar's valise was fastened to the saddle of one of the sheik's followers.