Shelled [noun, verb]

Definition of Shelled:

encasement of vegetable seeds

Synonyms of Shelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shelled:


Sentence/Example of Shelled:

Then she went down to the arbour where she had shelled peas only that morning.

Were they to stay there and be shelled all day, without a chance to see anything of the fighting?

Suppose we go and sit, by way of a change, on the fortifications and get shelled at.

We were shelled all the morning, but had no serious casualties.

When the corn was shelled, the cobs were not carelessly discarded or disregarded.

By this time the artillery had arrived, and shelled the trenches.

"They shelled this place like stink yesterday," Collinge told me.

She was, however, discovered and shelled on her passage up the river.

When the building in which he and his company were resting was shelled, a beam fell on it.

A few minutes later this was corrected to "Paris has been shelled all day."