Shelved [verb]

Definition of Shelved:

defer, postpone

Synonyms of Shelved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shelved:

Sentence/Example of Shelved:

At least I had shelved the question of what (if anything) I ought to do.

She shelved the doubt as to whether Patsy was under a misapprehension.

They forgot everything in their anxiety to get him shelved and silenced.

Elsewhere it shelved off into the steep slope down which Bas had carried him.

"I should say we were shelved," answered the captain, with a faint smile.

The request was shelved, however, and still was unanswered in 1748.

To go to the House of Lords was, as he thought and said, to be “shelved.”

Sheridan avowed that Congreve must be played unmutilated or be shelved.

At home Social and Political questions have been, for the time being, shelved.

After a full discussion of the affair, Enistor insisted that it should be shelved.