Shelving [verb]

Definition of Shelving:

defer, postpone

Synonyms of Shelving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shelving:

Sentence/Example of Shelving:

Here he emptied his pockets on the table and built a shelving house of gold.

As they lay, the shelving rock was less than two feet above their heads.

This shelving of the real facts, of course, is unconscious on the part of women.

If there are cliffs or shelving rocks near by, go and see them.

The narrow, shelving beach, rivalled the whiteness of a fresh snow-drift.

Gradually the water shoaled as they made their way up the shelving sand.

Then, when we could see sufficiently, we swam to a shelving rock, and landed in safety.

But pray recollect that they grow where the rocks are both slippery and shelving.

Its bow had been pulled out of the water which deepened from a shelving bank.

Swinging his boat about, he drove its prow against the shelving bank.