Shepherdess [noun]

Definition of Shepherdess:


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Sentence/Example of Shepherdess:

Upon this delightful object the shepherdess gazed with an unwearied regard.

The heart of the shepherdess had instinctively vibrated to the praises of simplicity.

The shepherdess had listened to all the horrors of the scene with a gloomy kind of satisfaction.

His "Robene and Makyne" is a "disputoison" between a shepherd and shepherdess.

She was a shepherdess to the core, and hated the poor "Packhorse."

"Oh, I have not thought much about it," answered the Shepherdess.

If you went as anything, Mrs. Kellynch, you ought to be a China Shepherdess.

Molly would be interested, even though she was a shepherdess.

He wrote the song of the shepherdess, and he wrote the ‘Dushenka.’

"I have something else to do now," interrupted the shepherdess.