Shepherds [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Shepherds:

The doctor is nearing them rapidly; they can imagine the shepherd's tartan.

One of the months in the "Shepherd's Calendar" is composed in it.

Grief is not an inmate of the plain; the hours of the shepherd are sped in gaiety and mirth.

You too are young and uninured even to the misfortunes of the shepherd.

But, oh, shepherd, what avails it to live in hopeless misery?

"Oh, pardon me, sage and venerable Madoc," replied the shepherd.

The glory of the shepherd indeed lies within a narrow compass.

One of Steenie's storm-angels, or the Shepherd of the sheep?

"No, shepherd," cried she, and waved her hand with graceful indignation.

Then Cook, the shepherd, says that a fire has sprung up on the other side of the river.