Shield [noun]

Definition of Shield:


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Sentence/Example of Shield:

Could he be asked to shield and protect her, or what would become of her?

They shield him, too; nobody who wants to reach their hearts must blame him.

I believe it is often the best wisdom to be blind and let God be our eyes as well as our shield.

Still there was that in them which respected the mother's grief; they tried to shield her.

You acted like a hero in trying to shield Alan Porter, and I like men of that stamp.

Every one of you who dares to shield her shall share her punishment.

After that a judge set up a shield in the middle of the course.

Then, as if armed with spear and shield, he advanced to meet Giant Blubb.

Good, wide hat-brims have more uses than to shield one's face from the sun.

He spoke rapidly, in the grip of his first impulse to shield her from what she had done.